1459637645d1dhzI’m Michael – I think of myself as a friendly man who likes meeting people and always helps them find ways to have an uplifting experience, specifically when it comes to their homes or work spaces.

I’m dedicated, outgoing and am a man with an artistic, free flowing imagination. From the time I was in college, I realised that creating beautiful spaces is my forte. In fact, my dorm room was a huge talking point back then!

As an animal lover, I believe in humane spaces – or like I like to say “Vegan-izing” my home decor concepts. A lot of my customers have told me that my concept spaces have inspired them to think differently about spaces. And, don’t get me wrong, I don’t compromise on the beauty, style and comfort. My plan is to make Vegan spaces a nationwide trend in interior design. And with the support of my family who live with me in Minneapolis, MN, I hope I get there!