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The Fun-filled ‘Vegan’ Nursery

Your little one’s nursery room is a lively place. All parents want their kids’ room to be colorful and filled with toys, rocking horses and soothing music. So, planning to create one such fun-filled room even before your little one sets foot in this world? Here are some Vegan Décor ideas that would make your child’s room environmental friendly.

Room Colour

file2301291419439 Your child will be thrilled if the room is more colourful. Colours add more charm in the baby’s world. It could be a combination of bright colours against pastel shades. Have you ever wondered what these paints are made of? Usually, paints contain animal bi-products. Even if not, they are tested on animals. Some paints are harmful to the pet animals who share our space.

There is no need to worry. There are lots of wonderful hues of paint available now in the market that are both vegan and VOC free. Colour your little ones room with any of those ‘vegan’ paints. They are not only safe for your kids but you also get a satisfaction of choosing a product that is against the cruelty of animals.


1412135443kge1gLet us take the vegan route and avoid soft coverings like the traditional rugs that are made from wool and goat hair. There are many beautiful vegan alternatives that add colour to the nursery. There are rugs made of soft cotton, bamboo, jute, chenille that is soft on your baby’s skin. There are also other alternatives like the one made from nylon, polyester and acrylic. You can also find many rugs made from recycled materials. But the best choice would be to either choose cotton or bamboo.


Is it not the place where your baby rests? While covering and decorating the bedding, always stick to the natural animal-friendly versions. Avoid wool and leather materials. The same formula used in selecting rugs for floors apply here. Always choose a natural fibre like the cotton or bamboo instead of wool.


While diapers provide comfort to your baby, it certainly does not do so for many animals. Most of the diapers are tested on animals before they reach the human population. But this animal testing applies to only disposable ones. So, opt for cloth diapers that give comfort to the baby.       Cloth diapers have become more advanced and nowadays come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours. By using cloth diapers for your child, you are not only following a healthy alternative for your child, but you are also reducing waste and becoming environmental friendly.


Do you know that many of the baby products are not animal friendly? They contain many ingredients that are obtained from animals. They are also tested on animals. This includes the wipes used for the baby, the bath products and lotions. Why not try something innovative like making your own wipes out of cloth that can be washed and reused? You save not only the money but also go the ‘vegan’ way.


Other ways of decorating your child’s room is by placing wall hangings in the room with pictures of animals and birds with a ‘Vegan’ slogan. Your baby would also eventually start learning the importance of being kind to the animals. Other furniture in the room can also be eliminated from using animal products. For example, use of leather furniture can be eliminated and instead furniture made from fabric can be placed on the room. Even cushions made out of feathers can be substituted with cushions made from cotton or artificial fibres.

Over the last decade, the number of options in the vegan décor side has grown dramatically. This change is the most welcome one as it eliminates animal cruelty and brings us closer to a friendly, healthy environment. Start the vegan style home décor from your baby’s room.