Choosing Garage Cabinets for an effective Garage Organization

1437317497lckvwGarage Organization is an art. It can do wonders to the Garage when proper Cabinets are chosen and placed for effective storage. It not only helps organize the clutters but also makes more room to store items and for car parking. But before rushing into the selection process of the Garage Cabinets, planning is required to figure out the quantity of the Garage Cabinets by also not compromising on the quality.


file761243267126The main purpose of the garage is to park our vehicles. But most of the homes don’t use them for this purpose alone. It is used as a shed for utility storage, as a workshop or even a cave to put unwanted items.

The first step in planning is to take a list of the stuff in the Garage. This also includes things that would need to go into the Garage i.e., anything that requires space in the Garage is taken into account while preparing the list. This will give an idea of the quantity of the Cabinets that will be needed. While taking the list, take into consideration the types of item. Some items might be heavy and would require a sturdy cabinet for storage.

The second step is to plan according to your budget and requirement. If the Garage is used as a workshop, then buying sturdy and new metal cabinets would be the best choice. If the garage is used only as a place for storage, even second-hand cabinets will do, or one can buy the plastic / wood composite cabinets that don’t cost much. One of the main factors is to determine the material of the Garage Cabinets based on the environment.

The third step is to plan on buying the cabinets after measuring the floor space of the garage. While base cabinets take a bit of floor space, wall cabinets is space saving. But before buying, plan on where it should be placed.

The last step is to eliminate all unnecessary items from the garage in order to cut down on the number of cabinets to be bought.

Choice of Materials

There are a lot of choices when you go for buying Garage Cabinets. The material choices are Plastic, Metal and Wood / Wood Based.

  • Plastic: If the Garage has environment issues like getting moist or corrosion, then the best choice would be plastic. Plastic is easy to maintain, easy to clean and saves a lot of money. But it is not sturdy enough to hold heavy items.
  • Metal: Metal cabinet are either made of aluminium or stainless steel. They usually come with a powder coated surface that is a protective coating. Though they are sturdy, the only negative is it corrodes if not protected from moisture or chemicals. It is also costly.
  • Wood / Wood Based: Wood based cabinets come with melamine skin or painted / coated. Again, these are more susceptible to moisture. But the finish is good.

Features to Look For

Cabinets are usually chosen based on the needs. There are various features and options available in the market from which one can match them to their requirement. Few of the features are:

  • “Off the Floor” Cabinets: They are nothing but the base cabinets placed on pedestals so that the cabinets are lifted few inches from the floor. This helps in keeping the cabinet away from moisture and is also easy to clean below.
  • Rolling Cabinets: They are similar to the above ones, but have wheels to make mobility easy. It can be moved anywhere and placed at a place of convenience. There are locks in the wheel to keep them in place when they are not moving.
  • Wall Cabinets: Wall Cabinets are space savers and helpful when there is little floor space in the garage. Wall cabinets are available in various sizes to choose from.
  • Corner Cabinets: While corners are considered to be waste of space, corner cabinets make use of the waste space effectively and make the unused space usable.
  • Modular Cabinets: They are combination kits and combine all the above types of cabinets like mix and match. It can be bought by choosing configuration that fit in a particular garage.


For organizing the contents of the Garage in an effective manner, one needs to be mindful of the capacity of the load. Also, Garage cabinets should always be a bit narrower as space should be allocated for the opening and closing of the car doors. There are other additional aspects like the cabinet’s sturdiness, cabinets with back panels and cabinets with locks. Everything depends on one’s taste and needs.

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